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I have a general idea of what I want. How do you help me?

We meet with you and get a sense of what you want. You might have a hand drawn sketch or just an idea. We’ll talk about your general idea and then look at room size and what might be involved. Does the electrical or plumbing need to be moved or is there a weight-bearing wall? Then we’ll get a visual on what designs feel right to you: paint, stain, cabinet style, colors, flooring, lighting, and other features.

We’ll meet again and bring photos of similar remodeling projects and get a feel for your likes and dislikes. If you prefer, we can outsource the design and get a one dimensional or three-dimensional drawing of your project at an extra cost.

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we will guide you through the process of picking out the features that apply to your project – like tile and granite.

After all the necessary information is gathered – and you are pleased with the intended results – we will provide you with a FREE quote.

Our project involves special needs.

We customize all of our remodeling to the needs of our customers. We will research your special needs and give you a choice of options.

Will I be able to request or change things during the project?

You are always able to make changes to your project, however, you must consider the following:

Your fee quote is for a specific scope of work. If you change that scope of work, you will change the fee for the project.

Depending upon when the change happens, you might change the schedule which may delay the completion date of the project.

If your change occurs after a portion of the project is complete, it might necessitate the tearing out and replacement of parts of the project – which is usually very expensive.

Will I need to move out of my home?

This will vary with the type and scope of the work being done. We will work with you to establish a plan that works for you and minimizes disruptions to your ongoing household activities as much possible.

Do you provide clean-up and debris removal upon completion of a remodeling job?

Yes. We make special efforts to maintain a clean and safe work site both during and after completing our remodeling work.

Will I need a permit for my remodeling project?

Suncoast will guide you on the need for a permit. It depends on where you live, the type and extent of the remodeling project, and other factors.

How can I finance my remodeling project?

We accept cash or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). Some customers choose to get a low-interest unsecured or secured personal loan. Larger projects can be financed with a Home Equity Loan.

The down payment is calculated using the cost of the materials. The final payment is due upon completion of the work.